About us

International conference Regional Law Review has been initiated in 2020. Our goal was and has remained to create an opportunity for lawyers from the region, the whole of Europe and the countries that share the European legal heritage, to gather and discuss current topics from various fields of law. The result of the conference is the scientific journal of the same name, which contains all the presented research papers.

A large number of authors responded to our initiative in the last three years, and thanks to efforts and time both organisers and authors invested, RLR lived up to expectations, despite the difficult conditions for collaboration, research and creation, caused by the global pandemic. We have continued to develop mechanisms for academic communication in adverse circumstances that have prevented us from fully realising our research efforts for almost two years. First results of our efforts to become visible and recognisable at the international level are already visible. We have been listed in HeinOnline Law Journal Library, and that is just the beginning.