Paolo Bargiacchi, PhD
Professor of Public International Law, Faculty of Law and Economics, Kore University of Enna

The article examines the EU Commission’s Communication of 5 February 2020 introducing a revised enlargement methodology for the purpose of reinvigorating the accession process of the Western Balkans candidate countries and make it more effective. Reasons put forward by some EU Member States at the end of 2019 for vetoing the opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia are also discussed. The article suggests that the strategy outlined by the Council Conclusions of 5 June 2020 of enhancing cooperation with Western Balkans partners in the field of justice and home affairs (in particular, by strengthening cooperation with relevant EU Agencies) might be the key driving force for a more credible and dynamic EU perspective for the Western Balkans.

Keywords: Western Balkans; EU Accession process; enlargement methodology; migration and security; EU agencies.

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