Institute of Comparative Law, in cooperation with Faculty of Law Osijek (Croatia) and Faculty of Law Pecs (Hungary) has initiated a new international conference, Regional Law Review. The conference is devoted to topical legal issues in the region of the Balkans and Southeastern Europe.

The conference offers a forum for scholars who research current topics in their countries, to foster a discussion on topical issues, achievements and tendencies in the development of legal science and to assert, through a critical review, the position the state of affairs in a particular state or in the entire region relative to European and global standards, with a view to future developments.

We aspire for our endeavor to be recognized as a current, relevant and conducive for regional cooperation in the area of legal science.

The conference covers both public and private law. Authors are free to choose a specific topic of their interest within one of the two areas.

Working language of the conference is English. It is expected that we will have participants from the region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Hungary, Romania) as well as from other European countries (Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Letonia, Russia).


Faculty of Law, University Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia


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Institute of comparative law, Belgrade, Serbia


Faculty of Law, Pecs, Hungary